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Lee Yuen Housewares Co., Ltd. 

About us

WHO are we?


Lee Yuen Housewares was established in 1975 as a small trading company. Over time, we grew to a leading company in manufacturing, marketing, developing, and sourcing. We believe that a designing and exporting company must adapt and change over time, and that's exactly what we've done. We've developed a dedicated following of valued customers through our pristine reputation.

Our customers trust our 40+ years of experience to always deliver high quality, innovative, and professional quality goods.


Lee Yuen Housewares saw an opening in the marketplace for kitchenwares that are reliable and trendy. Our passion and drive is to create 

the finest products available on the market.

WHAT do we do?

Lee Yuen housewares creates Premium housewares, bakewares, and tea & coffee accessories.


We are an experienced Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) - we are involved in designing and manufacturing our customer's products with our partnership factories in China.


We are also a specialized Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) - creating the most inspirational and sensational Kitchen Prep Tools, Beverage Gears and Baking Aids.

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HOW can we help you?

We're 100% committed to bringing you the best of the best. To ensure our customers always get the best, we have an advanced and professional quality control team. Our reliable staff makes sure every customer gets outstanding products, every time. Our services on offer are summarized below-

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales & Marketing  team is dedicated to developing close relationships with our clients through understanding their needs and customer base.


R&D ( Research & Development )

Our team of Research & Development (R&D)  professionals design products to the forecast market trends. We have years of trusted experience as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer)


Art Department

The Art Department  is full of creative and inspired professionals who make sure our clients' ideas are represented in the best possible way.


QA (Quality Assurance)

Our Quality Assurance (QA)  team ensures all products and services fulfills our customer requirements.

Shipping & Accounting

The Shipping & Accounting  department provides our clients with cost effective, prompt logistic services and updates customers appropriately.


Kitchen prep tools

Tea & Coffee Tools

commercial prep tools

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Baking Tools

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